Make Your Own Automations


Enable automation of obtaining data from the air quality web service to inform you of alerts in your location.


SmartThings IoT Ecosystem overview - from SmartThings Automations feature to Developer Workspace

  • SmartThings adds a little smartness to your things at home. You can add devices to your App and manage devices by phone. Controlling lights, setting the thermostat, and running robot vacuum cleaner has not been easier. Especially when creating your automation by setting rules like opening kitchen door that turns the light on.

  • It helps users to program their home according to their preferences.

  • Moreover, it is not only about life convenience but how your home protects you. Installing fire alarm and water leak that notifies you when danger occurs and can set action that triggers appropriate actions like notification, turning device off, and closing valve.

  • SmartThings Ecosystem allows developing custom automations via Developer portal called Developer Workspace. Integration devices with external web services in few lines of code is getting relatively easy step to develop.

  • Automation can be a Webhook endpoint or a Lambda function.