A smarter way to prove your identity in a digital world

What is Digital ID?

Digital ID is a digital identity service that helps you apply for, enroll in, log in to, and access services more simply, securely and privately. Rather than manually providing your information when you are trying to complete tasks online or in apps, Digital ID enables you to share your verified information automatically, more securely, and with your consent and control. Digital ID also enables you to do away with passwords and protects your personal information.

Why are Mastercard and Samsung working together on digital identity?

Helping people have the best possible experience in managing their digital lives is the goal of the Mastercard and Samsung partnership. This partnership brings together Samsung’s mobile technology and the Mastercard’s expertise in building a global ecosystem to enable users to conveniently and securely verify their digital identity using their Samsung mobile devices.

This solution leverages Samsung’s cutting-edge, proprietary facial biometric authentication and liveness checking capabilities. Users can access and use their digital identity with privacy and transparency. With the digital identity service built on Samsung devices, users will have immediate access to their digital identity without having to download a new app, making it easier and faster to establish and use their digital identity.

Mastercard and Samsung see the value for the new digital identity service in a wide range of applications. From reducing card-not-present (CNP) fraud and streamlining banks’ Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, to enabling digital “check-in” for virtually any digital interaction and accelerating the digital sharing economy to lift emerging markets.

Looking ahead, Mastercard and Samsung will evaluate the Digital ID service in multiple markets, continuously evolving the experience to deliver simple, seamless digital identity interactions across multiple use cases in both digital and physical settings. You can find more details about Mastercard’s digital identity service here.

I’m interested, where can I sign up?

The digital identity service will first be piloted with small groups of individuals and can only be obtained with an invitation. Following further testing and feedback gathering, it will then be launched in select countries, and with various partners. Over time it will expand to more countries. Please check back in the future for news about Digital ID launching in your area.

Video - Digital Identity: Restoring Trust in a Digital World.