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Linked App (Master-Follower) # master_app_samsungapps_deeplink

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Started by Newbie jgbirk , 170 Seed Apr 16, 2014 15:07 Replies : 1 View : 10381 Likes : 3

I have developed a Linked App and accordingly with the Getting Started doc I have to provide some meta-data info on my AndroidManifest.xml (Host App).

One of these meta-data is 'master_app_samsungapps_deeplink'. I already tried to put the http link, also samsungapps://ProductDetails/... but none of them seems to work. Have you guys had this issue? Do you know how it should be?

Joao Birk

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Samsung Developer cjbijoy , 37520 Seed Apr 18, 2014 09:15 Post #1 3
What I have seen previously are like below, But have not tested the functionality



android:value="samsungapps://ProductDetail/com.facebook.katana" />



android:value="market://details?id=com.facebook.katana" />

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