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installation failed with cannot push... on Z1 remote test lab

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Started by Newbie akash_lang**** , 330 Seed Oct 05, 2016 11:58 Replies : 1 View : 2809 Likes : 0
"installation failed with cannot push the file on device please check application package for permission"

When installing new tpk on Z1 remote test lab I got above error and stopped installation, however i have enabled all permission to over come this error but nothing happed, 

Please any help will be highly appreciated. 



tizen , testlab

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Samsung Developer shihaby**** , 62000 Seed Oct 06, 2016 05:28 Post #1 0

Please check these requirements:

1. Firefox v2+, Internet Explorer v7+, Opera v9.6+, Chrome 7+ or Safari v3+

2. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser

3. Java Runtime Environment v1.7+ with Java Web Start.
The Java Web Start files included in the JRE* (Java Runtime Environment).

4. Network port 2600 needs to be available

5. Audio is not supported. Multi-touch and camera functionality is not supported.
For applications using the android. gesture package, the test is not guaranteed .

* For more detailed information you may contact:

You may choose it as best answer if it helps you a little bit.


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