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Gear Watch Designer not responding;stuck;froozen

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Started by Newbie kendallross16 , 140 Seed Mar 08, 2018 16:29 Replies : 1 View : 470 Likes : 0
I have MacOS sierra 10.12.6, java 8 and GWD 1.5.2 for mac. After MANY attempts to download and install both software's (which I'm not tech savvy at all). I finally get everything installed and working and I jump with joy. Until, I get a frozen screen that will not respond to any click or command. I have to force quit every time. HELP

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Samsung Developer shihabyasin , 48910 Seed Mar 09, 2018 11:11 Post #1 0

Check out minimum requirements


Apple Mac OS® X 10.8(Mountain Lion) 64-bit or later
At least dual-core 2 GHz of CPU
At least 2 GB of RAM memory
At least 1 GB of free disk space
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.8 or later. 32-bit JRE is required if you are use Windows.
(If you have trouble configuring the Java environment, see questions 18 and 20 in the FAQ)
1280x1024 resolution (higher resolution recommended)

Un-install and re-install at a different directory.

Hope it will work.
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