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Can SSSP4 URL Launcher be used with standard web apps?

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Started by Newbie de**** , 500 Seed Mar 20, 2017 16:20 Replies : 8 View : 7223 Likes : 2

I am exploring the URL Launcher feature of an SSSP4 TV. I was trying to use it like I did with SSSP3, i.e., any URL of a standard web app would work. However, with SSSP4 those same URLs do not open at all. It seems that the URL Launcher in SSSP4 only works with URLs serving WGT packages. Is my understanding correct? What is the URL format? Should the URL point exactly at the WGT file or at the HTTP folder?

Thank you!


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Newbie b.u**** , 290 Seed Mar 27, 2017 01:55 Post #1 2
Your URL that you used to put into the URL Launcher of SSSP3 won't work.  Your new URL in the SSSP4 URL Launcher needs to point to a .wgt file, and from what I can tell there will be a confirugation .xml file in the same SSSP folder.
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Developer pa**** , 1950 Seed Mar 28, 2017 13:25 Post #2 0
To expand upon the previous answer, the URL in the URL launcher should point to a directory. 

That directory should contain two files: sssp_config.xml and your_app.wgt

sssp_config should contain, at least, the tags <widgetname> and <ver>, with widgetname being your_app and verbeing whatever you choose. The URL Launcher will fetch and reinstlal the app if the version doesn't match the one it currently has. 
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Newbie m.u**** , 450 Seed May 11, 2017 13:14 Post #3 0

This content has been quoted from patrik’s thought.

To expand upon the previous answer, the URL in the URL launcher should point to a directory. 

That directory should contain two files: sssp_config.xml and your_app.wgt

sssp_config should contain, at least, the tags <widgetname> and <ver>, with widgetname being your_app and verbeing whatever you choose. The URL Launcher will fetch and reinstlal the app if the version doesn’t match the one it currently has. 

Hi, I am working in the same domain.
I have developed a tizen webapp and hosted it with .wgt file and sssp_config.xml. while opening in URL launcher i got error message "unable to download the application".
I am using tizen studio for development and screen is SSSP4 powered by Tizen. 
Please guide me if there are any other configrations on server side or in the application.
Screen Model: PM43F
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Newbie rk , 980 Seed Jul 27, 2017 13:45 Post #4 0
@m.usman Did you found any solution? Because Im just faced with the same problem. 
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Newbie m.u**** , 450 Seed Aug 04, 2017 14:03 Post #5 0

This content has been quoted from rk’s thought.

@m.usman Did you found any solution? Because Im just faced with the same problem. 

Not yet. Its annoying because there nothing that can cause problem in this step. Everything is clear and straigt forward I don't know why its not working.
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Newbie alberto.zuc**** , 210 Seed Jan 25, 2018 11:54 Post #6 0
Hello, I have the same error using URL Launcher mode on the TV (PM32F). I tried to first point to an existing site, then to deploy an example app using Tizen Studio (via Developer Mode). In both cases the error on TV is: "unable to download the application".
Did you found any solution?

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Newbie s**** , 210 Seed Feb 26, 2018 16:13 Post #7 0
I had this exact problem until I got the DUID from the TV and added it to the developer certificate.  Then "build signed package" in Tizen studio and deploy .WGT to web server.  After that, I was able to run the sample apps on the TV.  

To get the DUID, I had to connect to the TV in device manager in Tizen studio.  This required me to turn on developer mode in the TV and put the IP address of my computer in the TV.

Hope this helps.
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Newbie minix9564 , 630 Seed Dec 17, 2018 12:30 Post #8 0
I just found a solution working on a PM43F-BC.

Starting point is a signed package *.wgt file ("yourexample.xml).
Create an *.xml file where widgetname has to be the filename of your package.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ver>Your Version Number</ver>

create a folder SSSP on a USB drive (I used FAT32) and copy the two files into the folder.
Attach the USB Stick to the TV and select "install from memory" in URL-Launcher.
Without the folder or a different named one, it doesn't work!

You can also host any folder with the two files on the network and install it by entering the URL into the URL-launcher

I'm happy now that it's working. I can build packages using the TV extension 5.0 and transfer them this way to the TV.

However debugging this Display on Tizen Studio and testing apps on the device (via run ...) only works with a downgraded TV-Extension 3.0.

Sadly samsung mentiones nothing about all this and I found the solution on these two sites:

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