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Can we add additional rotation properties to clocks in gear fit or any?

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Started by Newbie joefitness88 , 380 Seed Mar 02, 2018 20:50 Replies : 3 View : 505 Likes : 1
As stated, I'm trying to add an extra rotational property so that the clock itself turns on its own axis. The hand will remain stationary.
Any help....
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Newbie joefitness88 , 380 Seed Mar 03, 2018 15:30 Post #1 0
I would like to clarify my question. In watch designer, you want to see half of the clock face on the left (or right) and you want the clock face to turn. In doing this, you would have a stationary hour/second hand. I am assuming I habe to write an API for it but unsure. If you can help, that would be great.

This content has been quoted from joefitness88’s thought.

As stated, I’m trying to add an extra rotational property so that the clock itself turns on its own axis. The hand will remain stationary.
Any help....

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Samsung Developer s.arefin , 38030 Seed Mar 05, 2018 11:18 Post #2 0
Hi, So far my understanding you can not write any API here in GWD. and the design you are planning it may not possible in GWD.
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Samsung Developer petruuccios , 41700 Seed Mar 05, 2018 16:41 Post #3 1
If you want the dial to rotate and the hand stand still, just swap the images. 
You can make any picture rotating as hand, no matter how big or small it is.
No matter what the picture contains, whether its picture of a watch hand, human hand, tree branch or dial it self, in GWD it all can be made a "rotating hand".
Now all the hands (dials) can even be made to tick or to turn continuously...

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