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How to add floor counting progress bar with GearWatchDesigner?

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Started by Newbie teicher.christian , 760 Seed Feb 26, 2018 08:41 Replies : 3 View : 576 Likes : 0
Hello all,

I‘m quite new with GWD but already designed a progress indicator for steps and a battery level indicator in Photoshop and connected the images to the according percentage values in GWD so this works properly.
I assume it should behave the same with floors, water and coffeine, but I cannot find the according progress functions in GWD. Is this maybe just possible with programming?
For floors i can just see a text field pointing out the floors but it seems I‘m not able to connect it to images as it is possible with steps.
Why‘s that the case?

Regards, Christian
teicher.christian choose s.arefin ’s reply as the Best Answer. s.arefin earned +250 SEED. Feb 27, 2018 09:50
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Samsung Developer s.arefin , 38030 Seed Feb 26, 2018 09:02 Post #1 0
You can try with Bitmap font settings. where you can set symbol and also customized settings.
check whether it works or not.
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Newbie teicher.christian , 760 Seed Feb 26, 2018 14:53 Post #2 0
Hi and thanks for your reply!

I've tried this out, but Bitmap fonts seem to be not more than replacing a char by an image.
For example if the floor value was 12, bitmap fonts just create two images next to each other (first image stands for 1, second image stands for 2 for example)
Due to this a value dependent graphic is not possible i guess.

Why can't that be as easy as steps?

I'm looking forward to getting further ideas.
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Newbie teicher.christian , 760 Seed Feb 27, 2018 09:50 Post #3 0
Hi all,

I've had a closer look into Bitmap Fonts again and found out if I use a combination of standard ciffers 0 to 9 with customized ones I can reach the target.
In case of floors for example i need to explicite define 10 floors via custom bitmap font. Otherwise the software makes a combination of 1 and 0 to create 10 and this doesn't work of course with bitmaps.
It's also important to define ALL occuring numbers with a bitmap!!! Initially I defined images for water intake 1 to 8 since 8 is my daily target. I left zero out since I don't need an image in this case. After long time of try and error why the images are not shown correctly I found out also 0 needs to be defined as in case actual water intake is 0 it seems the highest defined number image is being shown. It also seems to have influence to other bitmap font defined values if not all relevant numbers are set with an image.

So for my specific case the problem is solved now , but in case I liked to sell the Watch Face, this doesn't work as other users have different targets regarding daily floors, water intake and so on.

The only solution I would see and what I would recommend to add to the software is a percentage tracking as it is included for steps and battery at the moment where e.g. the acutally done steps are pointed out as percent from target steps.
This would be great and very helpfull!

Best Regards,
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