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How to get partner certificate for signing application

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Started by Newbie flaviu.lupu , 450 Seed Apr 09, 2014 12:37 Replies : 3 View : 13947 Likes : 11
I am currently developing some application which uses the following privilege:
<tizen:privilege name=""/>

However when I try to run the app on the device, it gives me an installation error of the type "PRIVILEGE_LEVEL_VIOLATION"

I need to sign the application with a partner level certificate, from my understanding. How can I get one ? Or do you know something else that can make my application run on the device? I DO NOT WANT TO USE EMULATOR!

Thank you.



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Samsung Developer rohit.joshi26 , 32150 Seed Apr 10, 2014 06:34 Post #1 3
As per Tizen documentation you can use the partner certificate patch only in the Emulator and reference binary target. You cannot use the partner certificate patch on commercial devices. Hence, applications signed with this certificate cannot be installed on commercial devices. To install applications on commercial devices, develop applications only with public level privileges.

to apply partner certificate patch follow the steps mentioned in below link:

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Newbie flaviu.lupu , 450 Seed Apr 10, 2014 07:36 Post #2 3
So you are saying that I cannot develop a file transfer application? What about the Samples provided on this site? They use that privilege and I can install the wgt, but if I take the source files and try to run the project on the device, it gives the privilege level error.
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Developer seph.remotigue , 1410 Seed Apr 11, 2014 10:12 Post #3 5
From my experience, this error shows if you try to install your widget to an actual gear, having any permission declared in your config.xml.  The gear does not allow installation of widgets if it does not have certificate, just like an android ap.

To set your certificates, from your tizen ide, go to:
Window > Preferences > Tizen SDK > Security Profiles

Both author and distributor certificate is needed.
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