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How to integrate a weather item to a watchface ?

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Started by Newbie gdisilvestro , 150 Seed Jan 02, 2018 20:07 Replies : 2 View : 911 Likes : 1
Hi everybody, 
I'm using Gear Watch Designer V 1.5.1 beta with my Gear S3.
I would like to integrated a weather item like temp and so on on a new watchface... 
But i can't, please see attached picture.
All items about weather in text section are greyed out.

Thank you ! 

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Samsung Developer petruuccios , 42840 Seed Jan 02, 2018 23:29 Post #1 1
The picture is self-explanatory, you can either use the weather features or the s-health related features.
If you put one of either family of features, you cant use any of the other family in the same design anymore.

Or maybe you just didn't activate the weather features source yet (the API key).
Read this guide
or what bluehorror wrote about this feature when it was introduced.
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Samsung Developer s.arefin , 38910 Seed Jan 03, 2018 05:52 Post #2 0
you can follow the guideline mentioned above and check the simple watchface below, it is possible. 

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