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One UI 1.0, Android 9, Galaxy 4, Invisible Menu-Text-Items

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Started by Newbie Andreas-Filsinger , 320 Seed Jul 28, 2019 11:34 Replies : 2 View : 763 Likes : 0
Hello samsung-world,

with an Android-App parent is "Activity" Theme is "Holo" the Menu-Items are not readable und One UI 1.0.
The Color of the Font ist Black, The Text-Background ist a dark grey.
The App is resistent for trying to change theses Colors, they stay at "black on black", quite cool but unreadable.
Screenshot attached. Thanx for giving this information to samsung.
Andreas Filsinger

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r.liechty_SDP , Jul 29, 2019 16:56 Post #1 0
I know this is a known problem and theme designers are not to use pure black or pure white in their designs.  You can report this specific App problem using the Samsung+ or the Samsung Members App. That way they can trace it back to the seller or engineer for changes.

Thank you for reporting this.  I the future you may want to use the Samsung Community Get Help forum which is more geard for end user issues.

Since this is not a developer issue, the thread will be discontinued in a short time.

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Newbie Andreas-Filsinger , 320 Seed Aug 01, 2019 12:52 Post #2 0
Thanks for this information,
in the meantime i have a workaround i want to share, to get the Menus visible again in the broken Samsung One UI:

1. inherit your Activity from "AppCompatActivity" not from "Activity"
2. use the Theme "AppCompat" not "Holo"


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