Testing apps in Foldables

Testing Multi-Window

Prepare Multi-Window Devices
Android devices
(Above N Below P OS)

Samsung devices
(Above N Below O OS)

Samsung devices
(Above P OS)

Split view v v v
Freeform window v v
Multi-Resume v

This table explains multi-window features of devices. It's recommended to prepare P OS samsung devices. That's because you can test multi-window mode with multi-resume. One more thing is that your samsung device cannot support freeform window if it has low memory specification. If there is no menu item of 'Open in pop-up view' in recents, it's possible for your device not to support freeform window.

How to use Split view
  1. Launch an app and touch the recent button, then click 'Open in split screen view'.

  2. If you don't have any recent app, your device would look like 2-1. Otherwise, your device would look like 2-2.

  3. If you choose another app in Home launcher or recent panels, spit view will be activated.

    1. a. You can resize split view apps with dragging the border line between apps
    2. b. You can close apps dragging to top of display or bottom of display.
    Split View 1 Split View 2-1 Split View 2-2 Split View 3
How to use Freeform window
  1. Launch an app and touch the recent button, then click 'Open in pop-up view'.

  2. This is freeform window mode. You can make the app minimized size, and change app's window mode to full screen with top bar buttons.

  3. If you touch and wait on top bar, there is blue line around freeform window. In this state, you can move your freeform window app.

  4. If you touch and wait on the border of window, you can resize your freeform app with guide line of blue box.

Freeform window 1 Freeform window 2 Freeform window 3 Freeform window 4
How to use Multi-Resume

You can test multi-resume based on the meta-data with any Samsung device on Android 9.0.

  1. Declare the meta-data in AndroidManifest.

    Code Block 3 Manifest flag

      <activity ... />
  2. Run your app in multi-window mode.

  3. Move the focus from the first app to the other by tapping the other app.

  4. Check whether the app is still in a resumed state.

  5. Check whether your app has any unexpected behavior when your app unexpectedly loses the singleton resources (for example, Camera).