Galaxy Watch Banner and Android App Promotion

App promotion, when ran in conjunction with seller's social media promotions, can increase daily downloads by 4 to 5 times.

You can request promotion of one or more of your Galaxy Watch or Android apps. Apps that meet selection criteria can be promoted, which run for at least a week but may run longer.

Request Promotion now. Login required.

After you submit a promotion request, Samsung will evaluate your apps to determine if promotion is well-suited and submit a banner promotion request to be published in the store on your behalf. Recommendations for individual banner promotions are based on the potential to sell and includes, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

*These measurements are tracked in Galaxy Store Statistics.

It is not possible to feature all requests but an attempt will be made to place qualified content in group collections when an individual banner is not available.

If your request is approved, information on Banner Image Requirements and Recommendations will be sent via email.

Request promotion for your apps

Prepare your app promotions and sales to support the request approval criteria.

Step 1. Determine the type of promotion request:

  • one individual app (1 app)

  • more than one app (1 content set)

Step 2. Complete the spreadsheet file

  1. Download the following spreadsheet file.

    Promotion Request Evaluation Data spreadsheet file.14.42KB
  2. In the spreadsheet file, specify your apps to be promoted (if necessary, click Enable Editing).

    Enter the following information:

    Your Name *

    Your name registered with your Samsung account
    Seller Name °

    If not you, the name of the person who registered the apps to be promoted
    App Type *

    Type of apps to be promoted (Android or Galaxy Watch)
    App Category *

    Classification of apps to be promoted
    Galaxy Store Badge Click Count *

    Total of all click counts for all your apps (to be promoted or not) in the last 30 days
    Global Gross Sales *

    Total global gross revenue for all your apps (to be promoted or not) in the last 30 days
    Global Downloads *

    Total global number of downloads for all your apps (to be promoted or not) in the last 30 days
    Social Media and Other Website URLs

    URLs of your social media sites and other website sites (for example, promotion and custom support)
    Comments °

    Reasons why your apps should be promoted

    Please state if your apps use Samsung or Galaxy Watch In-App Purchase, or other Samsung optimizations.

    Promotion Type *

    To request promotion of one app:
    1. Select Single app.

    2. Enter the app's App Content ID and App Title.

    To request promotion of more than one app:

    1. Select Multiple apps.

    2. For each app, enter their App Content ID and App Title.

    App Content ID °

    Unique identifier of the apps to be promoted (12 digits)

    IDs are assigned after apps are registered in Seller Portal.

    App Title °

    Name of the app as registered in Seller Portal
  3. Save the file locally.

Step 3. Create and submit a promotion request

  1. In a browser, navigate to the Samsung Developer Dashboard, log in, and click Access My Dashboard > Galaxy Store Promotions.

  2. In the Galaxy Store Promotions page,

    fill in the following:


    Brief title of your request

    Type of app (Android or Galaxy Watch)

    What sets your app apart from those of other designers and developers

    Optional The start and end dates of the promotion period


    Click to attach the Promotion Request Evaluation Data spreadsheet file (browse to the file and upload it).

Step 4. Review the detail and progress of your promotion requests

At the bottom of the Galaxy Store Promotions page, track your promotion requests.


ID assigned to the request by Samung Developers

Date (MM/DD/YY) of request submission

Title entered in the request
Promotion Period

Starting and ending dates that the promotion will be published in Galaxy Store
Request Status

Current processing step of your request:
  • Under Review - Your request is being considered by the Samsung Developers team.
  • Need Information - Request processing has stopped. To restart your request processing, please provide the information indicated in the email we sent you.
  • Submitted - All information has been provided, and your request is being processed by the Samsung Developers team.
  • Approved - Your promotion will begin in Galaxy Store as specified.
  • Completed - Your promotion in Galaxy Store has ended or will soon end.
  • Declined - Your request was not granted. Please review the reasons in the email we sent you.