Galaxy Watch Banner Image Requirements and Recommendations

Learn about requirements and recommendations for Galaxy Watch app banner images.

After you request banner promotion, your apps will be evaluated, and Samsung will determine whether or not banner promotion is well-suited.

After acceptance of your request for a Galaxy Watch app banner:

  • You must design, create, and submit your banner image file to promote one app, one content set of multiple apps, or your entire product line.
  • After Samsung reviews and approves, your banner image will be used.

Image Requirements

All Galaxy Watch banner images that you submit must meet the following:

  • All non-branding text (company, brand, or app names) must be in one language.
  • Do not imply that Samsung endorses your watch face app (for example, including, but not limited to, the terms: ‘The Best’, ‘Top Selling’, ‘Featured’ or ‘Exclusive’), unless you have won a Samsung award.
  • Do not display a border.
  • Do not use rounded corners.
  • Meet all image and file specifications.
  • Submit an image with non-branding text in English.
    You can also submit images with text in other languages (see below).

You must design, create, and submit your banner image, which will be reviewed for use by Samsung marketing technicians.

Your banner image must meet the following requirements:

Banner image and file

1440 x 504 pixels, 300KB maximum file size, JPG

[GalaxyWatchmodel(s)][App name][Seller name]_[Promotion period (MMDD-MMDD].jpg

For example: S3_Sport_GalaxyWatch_Moto_MotoAppSeller_0101_1031.jpg

We recommend the following:


Recommended minimum text size: 10 pts


Branding content

  • Create a brand logo and include it in your image.
  • Include branding text in your image.

Watch faces

  • Include watch faces that demonstrate the quality of your company and products.
  • Display your watch faces inside the latest, most popular Galaxy Watch devices.

    Download and use the Galaxy Store Asset Creator or Lifestyle Photo Asset Packs (Adobe Photoshop required).
  • Display watch faces at large sizes.


  • Less text in the image is better.
  • Do not state the type of supported watch device.
    Your banner is displayed only to customers with compatible devices.
  • Make sure text is large enough to be read by all customers.
  • If you do not include non-branding text, then you do not need to localize it.
  • When including non-branding text: * Restrict non-branding text to catchy phrases
    (such as ‘Wear an original’ or ‘Timelessness never passes’). * Create separate images with non-branding text localized for each of the top markets: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Korean.


  • Before you submit images, test them on your phone for readability and suitability.

  • If you submit images with localized language text, then localize your apps’ product detail pages in those languages.

  • After your banner image is published:

    • Verify that the banner image links to either: your app product detail page (banners for a single app), a list page with your apps (banners for multiple apps), or your seller brand page (banners for your entire product line). If the link does not work, contact support by submitting a request.