How to Update Your Galaxy Watch App

Whenever necessary, you can create, build, register, and submit newer versions of your Galaxy Watch app for publication in Galaxy Store. You can use Seller Portal to update apps that you created using Galaxy Watch Studio (formerly Galaxy Watch Designer) or Tizen Studio.

Note: All statements below apply to apps developed using either Galaxy Watch Studio or Tizen Studio, except for the Tizen Studio step 4 in the following procedure.

Once you update the app in Seller Portal, a new update registration is created, which you complete and submit for review processing. During registration and review processing, the previous version continues to be published in Galaxy Store.

For an updated version:

  • The filename must be different from all previous version filenames.

  • The package ID must be the same as for the first app version.

  • The app version number must be greater than the previous version number.

  • The author certificate must be the same as for the first app version.

    Caution: Without the app’s author certificate, you cannot update the app. We recommend that you store multiple backup copies somewhere other than on your development computer.

To create, build, register, and submit an updated app version

  1. Get the author certificate of the app.

  2. Get the filename, package ID, and version number (version name) of the current app version in Seller Portal:

    a. Click Applications, and navigate to and click [your published app title].

    b. Click the Binary tab and [your latest binary filename].

  3. In Galaxy Watch Studio:

    a. Back up your project and save it in a different directory.

    b. Create the new app version.

    c. Click Project > Build. Then specify the same package ID and a different version number, use the same author certificate, and build the updated binary file(s) (.tpk).

    d. Rename the resulting binary files, and keep them in the same workspace directory.

  4. In Tizen Studio:

    a. Open either your app’s Tizen project tizen-manifest.xml file (Native) or config.xml file (Web).

    b. In the Overview tab, specify the update version number in the Version field.

    c. Use the certificate manager to ensure you have a certificate profile that contains your app’s author certificate.

    Note: You do not need to use the same certificate profile, just the same author certificate. You can re-use an author certificate across multiple certificate profiles.

    d. Build a signed package for your app.

    e. In the console, note the output location of the compiled .tpk (Native) or .wgt (Web) update binary file, and rename if necessary.

  5. In Seller Portal:

    a. Click Applications, navigate to your published app, and click Update.

    b. Register the update version information and upload the updated binary files.

    c. Deselect any unsupported distribution device groups.

    d. Submit the update version for review processing by clicking Submit.

If the updated version does not pass review processing, the Samsung review team will notify you. You can then change the updated version, upload the changed updated binary file, and submit the updated version again.

If your updated version passes review processing, the previous version will stop being published in Galaxy Store, and the updated version will start being published. You can then manage the latest version and your finances in Seller Portal.

To get started updating an app, log in to Seller Portal with your Samsung Account.

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