Can I publish my apps under different brands?


You can get multiple Seller Portal accounts, group your apps, and register them to different Seller Portal accounts. Galaxy Store will then display the apps as belonging to each Seller Portal account holder or brand name.

You can do this to provide your customers with different seller brand pages containing different apps:

  • For different audiences (for example, male, female, fitness enthusiasts)

  • With different app types (for example, watch face, sports, productivity)

  • With different app designs (for example, simple, elegant, aviation, same color theme)

  • With different app pricing (for example, low, medium, high)

You can also group your apps to keep track of app revenue from two or more: types of apps, geographical sales areas, or company divisions.

Caution: You must not publish an app under multiple brands.

Note: You cannot move an app from one brand to another brand. However, you can suspend an existing app in one Seller Portal in order to publish the app under the other account's brand, and then register the app to another account, in order to publish the app under the other account's brand.

To publish your apps under different brands in Galaxy Store

  • You must have a different email address for each Samsung account.

  • Group your apps into each Seller Portal account.

  1. 1.

    Get multiple Seller Portal accounts:

    1. a. Get additional Samsung accounts (one for each Seller Portal account). For details, see Get and Manage a Samsung Account.
    2. b. Get additional Seller Portal accounts (one based on each Samsung account).
      Note: You can link more than one of your Seller Portal accounts to the same financial account. For details, see Get and Manage a Seller Portal Account.
  2. 2.

    For each group of apps:

    1. 1. Register the apps in the group to the same Seller Portal account (Registration).
    2. 2. Get the apps and their in-app items validated (Validation).
    3. 3. Promote your apps, and evaluate the sales of your apps and in-app items, and manage your finances for each Seller Portal account (Promotion, Statistics, and Management).