Release Note April 14, 2014


  • Release Name

    Group Play SDK 1.1

  • Release Version


  • Release Date

    April 14, 2014

  • Release Contents
    Release Contents
    SDK Libraries Provides Group Play SDK libraries.
    Sample PProvides a sample application.
    Documents API References For more information about the APIs that have been added and changed, see, see API Reference.
    Developer Guides Developer guide document include overview, main class, main features, getting started, registration guide and self-verification.

Change History

  • SDK


    • Added resume(), pause(), stop(), isReady() APIs

    • Added onSessionClosed() callback method

    • Added SessionClosedException exception

    • Deprecated setParticipantInfo() API

  • SDK


    • Added Group Play v2.1 support


The Group Play packages have the following features:

  • Creates a Wi-Fi network between devices via Group Play.

  • Provides Create group and Join group function.

  • Displays a list of downloadable applications for Group Play.

  • Generates a list of downloaded applications for Group Play.

  • Displays Group Play status, such as the number of participants and the application names.

  • Manages Group Play network session.

  • Makes 3rd party app be able to manage Group Play’s life cycle.