Release Note Jan 18, 2018


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    Jan 18, 2018

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    Release Contents
    SDK Libraries Provides the Samsung Motion SDK libraries.
    Sample Provides a sample application.
    Documents API References For more information about Motion APIs, see API Reference
    Programming Guides The programming guide includes an overview, feature descriptions and the Hello Motion application.

Change History

    • Samsung Motion SDK 2.2.2 has been released in order to be compatible with Android.

    • Replaced deprecated API (PackageManager.getSystemFeatureLevel()) with new one (PackageManager.hasSystemFeature()).

    • Added isFeatureSupported(int type) for checking supported activities.

    • Samsung Motion SDK 2.1.4 has been released in order to be compatible with Android.

    • Replaced deprecated Android API, PowerManager.isScreenOn(), in android API Level 20 with new one, Display.getState().

    • Added updateInfo() API

    • Added isUpdateInfoBatchModeSupport()

    • Added @since tag

    • Samsung Motion SDK 2.0.0 has been released with enhanced stability and better performance.

    • Samsung Motion SDK has been separated from the Samsung Mobile SDK to make an efficient environment for the application development.

    • Added a new permission to be required when you initialize Motion. Refer to programming guide for more information.

    • Added SmotionActivity and SmotionActivityNotification classes.

    • Added IllegalStateException in each constructor when initialize() is not successful or not called.

    • Changed Sample application structure to improve legibility.

    • Added IllegalArgumentException when listener is null or type is invalid public boolean isFeatureEnabled(int type) public void start(SmotionCall.ChangeListener listener) public void start(SmotionPedometer.ChangeListener listener)

    • Changed the structure of Sample App in order to raise legibility.

    • Fixed Null exception problem in SmotionPedometer.getInfo() API. It occurred when this API is called during the screen off status.


  • Recognize call motion.

  • Listen for and process pedometer event data.

  • Recognize the motion status (stationary, walk, run, in a vehicle).

  • Recognize the accuracy of detected activities by using various sensors on the device.