What is GalaxyGameDev and what do we do?

Galaxy GameDev Partners

We've been running our game developer support program "GalaxyGameDev" for 2 years - since we announced it at SDC 2016. Through this program, we've met over 50 game studios and supported more than 20 game titles. Many of them have been successfully launched in the market and a lot of users enjoy those games. Now we have several teams around the world - South Korea, the UK, Ukraine and the US - and over 20 DevTech engineers and office support team members continuing to support game developers.

We are not only aiming to make games run well on Galaxy devices: our goal is to make a lot of good games in the Android game ecosystem. For this reason, we provide technical support for new technologies such as Vulkan, provide thorough performance analysis, and also send speakers to many developer conferences to share our know-how and experiences. GalaxyGameDev helps game developers in many ways like this. Let's take a look at the details.

GalaxyGameDev's developer support program can be classified into 5 categories. The first is "on-site camp support". In an on-site camp, DevTech engineers are dispatched to a game studio and offer technical support in their office directly. We usually attend an on-site camp in the case of Vulkan porting, but also help developers improve performance and other issues in their games. So far, we've collaborated on many titles through our on-site support, including Lineage2: Revolution, Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition, Black Desert Mobile, Honor of Kings and so on. Most partners who collaborate with us are really pleased with the end results.

The second category is remote support. Due to the constraints of time and distance, or just based on a developer's preference, GalaxyGameDev also supports developers remotely. If you send us questions or issues relating to Android game development, Galaxy devices or Vulkan, then our DevTech engineers can contact you via email or schedule a conference call to help you. In addition, we can also provide detailed performance analysis reports when you share your game builds with us.

We not only offer these direct means of support, but also help game developers to make better games indirectly, via game engine contributions. We contribute to the Vulkan porting and performance optimization in common game engines. Thanks to these improvements, developers can make better games more easily. Since we started the GalaxyGameDev program in 2016, we've made remarkable contributions to the popular game engines Unity and UE4. Furthermore, we are also adding Vulkan support to in-house engines like SuperEvilMegaCorp’s E.V.I.L.TM engine and Pearl Abbys’s BlackDesert engine.

The next kind of support is developer education. We continue to participate in a range of developer conferences, sharing our experiences, know-how and development tips which we gained from the GalaxyGameDev program. We attend many conferences and game shows such as GDC, Gamescom, SIGGRAPH, Google I/O, SDC, and so on every year, and interact with many game developers there. The session materials which we present at conferences are all available via our website - developer.samsung.com/game. So you can see them any time!

The final category is device support. We know that game developers need multiple devices for developing games and QA. So we run a 'device loaner program' as part of GalaxyGameDev. Through this device loaner program, we can loan our flagship devices (Galaxy S series and Note series) to select game developer partners who need them.

Even now - while you are reading this blog - we are supporting many game developers to make better Android games. Are you struggling with any problems in game development? Do you want to make your game better - with high performance and fancy visual effects? If you need help, please contact us at gamedev@samsung.com.