Samsung Health Branding Guidelines for
Partner AppsOct 17, 2017

Samsung Health’s partner apps connect to Samsung Health with Samsung Health Android or Server SDK. Approved partner apps are shown in Samsung Health > Partner Apps page and users can recognize partnerships between the apps and Samsung Health naturally. On a partner app side, it is needed to notify of a proper message that the app connects with Samsung Health. It would be very helpful to users to understand their data sharing and make an easy way that the users can try an advanced feature of connection to Samsung Health.

Branding guidelines provide connection flows with unified look and feel for partner apps.

  • Notification of Samsung Health connection

  • Menu for connection to Samsung Health

  • Permission setting menu

  • Samsung Health’s brand name and icon

Notification of Samsung Health Connection

An app’s launching screen, event pop-up, or information space is a good approach to notify of connection with Samsung Health. A partner app needs to make a notification for it with the concrete description.

  • Do show explicitly a notification of working with Samsung Health in a partner app. The app’s launching screen is recommended.

    Example for launching screen Notification example
  • Do include a concrete description which data are synced with Samsung Health.

  • Do show the "Samsung Health" name or its icon. See its naming and icon guide.

  • Do make a flow to show the data permission pop-up after the notification message.

    Example for launching screen Example flow for notification

Menu for Connection to Samsung Health

A partner app should provide a menu with a convenient interface that the user can change the data sync setting with Samsung Health.

  • Do create a menu to set the Samsung Health’s data permission.

  • Do use a menu name like "Connect to Samsung Health" or similarly. It is recommended to contain the following content in "Connect to Samsung Health":

    • Description that contains benefits through Samsung Health connection and which data are synced with Samsung Health

    • Link to Samsung Health

      Menu example to connect with S Health Menu example for Samsung Health connection
    • Do make an installation flow of Samsung Health through "Connect to Samsung Health", if it is not installed.

      Example of connection UI to S Health
      Example flow of Samsung Health installation
  • Do show a Samsung Health’s Data permission popup through the menu.

    Example of connection UI to S Health
    Example flow of permission setting
  • Do place "Connect to Samsung Health" where the user can find it easily.

  • Do not place "Connect to Samsung Health" under too deep level.

Samsung Health’s Brand Name & Icon

Samsung Health’s app name and its icon in a partner app should be used properly as its branding guide.

Samsung Health’s Brand Name - "Samsung Health"
  • Do use its brand name as "Samsung Health".

  • Do not modify it as the following cases.

    • SHealth

    • Shealth

    • S Health

    • S-Health

    • SamsungHealth

Samsung Health’s Icon
  • Do use the latest icon. You can get it here. Its official icon is:

    Samsung Health’s icon
  • Do not modify the icon.

  • Do not use resource images of Samsung Health except its icon.

  • Do not use the Samsung Health’s icon or similar icon for your own application.