01. Principle

One UI aims to ensure a fair, equal, and considerate user experience for everyone, regardless of their gender or physical condition. The accessibility guidelines in One UI Design Guide strive to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


1Empathetic and detailed design for all users - Consideration
At Samsung, we’re always trying to simplify our products’ interface, employing a variety of research methodologies so that our design approach aligns with the needs and desires of our users. We strive to listen to our users and make a sincere effort to understand them, including those with disabilities.

2Balanced and equal design for all users - Comprehensiveness
We aim to design an interface for all users, regardless of whether they have a disability. At Samsung, we believe that users with disabilities shouldn’t experience difficulty or discrimination when interacting with our products. We have set up guidelines in consideration of users with varying degrees of disabilities. From as early as the planning stage of each product, we try to ensure that it provides a holistic experience for all users.

3Consistent design experience for all products - Coherence
Samsung products provide a variety of optional features for people with limited mobility. Moreover, continuous research and development in accessibility design should further ensure that all Samsung products offer an equal level of functionality for all their users.

4Designed together (Co-creation)
amsung’s dedicated team of professionals from various fields provides training and support for users with disabilities to help them use Samsung products and services without difficulty. Employees with disabilities, research institutes, and like-minded communities and groups all work together to take a more hands-on approach to our design experience.