02. Sound feedback

Sound feedback helps the user feel more certainty about how they interact with the system or app, and also understand and predict outcomes. For instance, when the user taps the Call button in the Phone app, you can notify the user that the call has been successfully placed by providing a call connect tone, helping the user get ready to talk to the person on the other end of the phone.


When placing or ending calls

A rising melody helps the user clearly perceive that the call has been placed, while a falling melody helps the user clearly perceive that it has ended.

Call connect

Call disconnect

When adjusting the ringtone volume with the volume keys

To make sure that the user clearly understands the volume level of the current ringtone, use the tone appropriate for the volume level a single tone is recommended.

Volume control push

When wired/wireless charging begins

Once the user connects their device to a wired/wireless charger, play a rising melody to let the user know that charging has begun.

Charger connection

Notifications and warnings

Sounds can play an important role in drawing attention to something or drawing away instantly.
particular, when the user is concentrating on a task, you can deliver necessary information with little cognitive interference and without breaking their concentration.

Alert on call

When switching from Mute mode to Sound mode

You need to make sure that the user realizes that the mode has switched to Sound.
Use a rising melody to indicate that Sound mode was just enabled.

Silent mode off

Branding and brand identity

Use a creative and consistent sound tone to represent your brand image and brand identity. For One UI, use sound tones that can make the user feel like they’re traveling through the galaxy. Apply mild and soft tones to express One UI system’s characteristics and deliver a consistent auditory experience.