15. Edit mode

Edit mode refers to a screen mode where the user is temporarily unable to save changes in real time or is allowed to cancel changes. The changes are applied through a user trigger (e.g., Save or Done).


Provide confirmation buttons at the bottom. However, in landscape view, provide them at the top to prevent them from taking up the body text area.

1Portarit view

2Landscape view


When a keyboard is available, place confirmation buttons above the keyboard.

1Portarit view

2Landscape view



In portrait view, make the Create/Compose window fit to the screen. In landscape view, provide it as an overlay pop-up window, aligned to the center. Tapping outside the overlay pop-up window should function the same way as the Back key. It’s recommended that you use the same title, action buttons, etc. for both portrait view and landscape view.


2X=width of portrait view


Try to make the actual displayed window and the Edit window as similar as possible. In split view, provide the Edit window in edit view. When the user needs to create a new item, make the Create window to fit the screen or provide it as an overlay pop-up window. Make any areas irrelevant to the Edit area appear darker (dimmed). Touching the darker (dimmed) area should function the same way as the Back key.