12. Label toast

You can provide additional information about an icon-type textless component through a label toast. Add a text description above the relevant component so that the user can tap and hold it to view. You can apply a label toast to a component that consists only of an icon without any text, a component that consists of an icon and text, or only of text if its text size has to be fixed because of the limitations of the screen. (Apply it to all screens regardless of the system font.) A label toast should disappear after a few seconds or when the user touches the screen. If the user selects an area outside the label toast, then immediately execute the action designated for the relevant area.

Don’t apply a label toast to an indicator that doesn’t have special actions, a button that consists only of text, or a button that consists of both an icon and text if a larger font size is applicable. If the app already uses the tap and hold gesture for another action, then don’t display a label toast. The action specified by the app takes priority.