01. Icons

Clear metaphors

Icons should be designed in a way that users can easily recognize them and also understand their meanings and functions at a glance. Use clear metaphors, which are familiar to users, for the icons in One UI.

Minimal and modular shapes

The user may find it difficult to recognize icons at a glance if you use a complex shape or too many mixed forms. When designing icons for One UI, try to simplify their shapes and use the same shape repeatedly to help the user recognize the icons more easily.


Just like building houses of different shapes using the same set of building blocks, you can use the same set of components to design your icons for better consistency.

Softness and sharpness

As rounded corners are generally used in One UI, use rounded stroke terminals for icons to make sure that they go well together. The stroke corners, however, should remain sharp to add contrast to the rounded corners and details.

Icon colors

For icons, choose colors that can express the characteristics of the app, and apply a palette of colors that go well together for better consistency. The colors applied to the app should have a different tone to that applied to the icons.

App icon color

1Primary color

2Secondary color

App icons in One UI