CAPH FAQ contains questions and answers regarding CAPH.
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If you are new to TV app development, you may face the problem of user input. Normally, TV watchers don't use mouse or touch the screen. Instead, They use remote with 4 directional keys. Imagine that you have to write the code controlling elements for 4 cases of up,down,left and right. What if you need to change positions of them? All CAPH 3.0 components works based on Key-navigation feature. There's nothing you do to handle focus. This is first reason of why we recommend CAPH3.0.

Second reason is performance. Even though TV hardware specification is getting higher, it's not even close to level of PC or Mobile. So, for the good animation performance we should design HTML elements to use GPU. CAPH 3.0 components will maximize using GPU.
CAPH 3.0 doesn't have its own framework. Instead, uses popular open source framework: jQuery and Angular. This is to make many developers use CAPH 3.0 easily and efficiently. jQuery is really general framework for every web app. Angular is the MVC based emerging framework. So we make two CAPH 3.0 packages for each framework users. CAPH 3.0 will extend other frameworks to support in the future. Any suggestion is welcome :
If you have your own environment for developing web app, just include CAPH 3.0 package and use it! But SDK has some good reasons: you can directly test with Emulator or real TV. For uploading and installing your app to Samsung TV, you should use SDK for packaging. So I think you should use SDK at least one time.
We hope that CAPH 3.0 works on only our Samsung TV, but CAPH 3.0 is based on HTML5. CAPH 3.0 need no such device specific APIs. But, please consider that we have tested and verified CAPH 3.0 based on Samsung TV.
Great. This zip file has all of the the Tizen Web Application requirements. Just open the Samsung Tizen TV SDK and make a project with this. Please refer to Samsung Tizen TV : Building your first app. For the fast demo, you can just open index.html with Chrome.
CAPH 3.0 is not compatible with the earlier versions 2.x. If you have plan to use CAPH 2.0, please consider to use CAPH 3.0.
Not now, but we're preparing. We hope CAPH 3.0 will be open source project soon.
please email us: Your report will help us improve CAPH 3.0.