Tizen WASM Player
Tizen TV WebAssembly Media Player extension allowing for a low-level elementary media stream playback.
Tizen WASM Player Documentation


Tizen WASM Player is a Samsung TV extension API which grants a WebAssembly application low level access to a Platform's media player. WASM Player operates on Elementary Stream Packet level, accepting encoded packets that are decoded and rendered by the TV multimedia pipeline. Depending on operation mode, it is fit to be used either as a video on-demand player (normal latency mode, suitable for adaptive streaming scenarios) or as a streaming player (low latency mode).

As a low level media API, WASM Player is responsible only for decoding and rendering media content. Acquiring media content and splitting it into Elementary Media Packets that are passed to the player is entirely dependent on App. This allows for a great flexibility: the application has full control over downloading data, demuxing, either low latency or adaptive streaming protocol implementation, etc. When EMSS is used major part of multimedia pipeline can be implemented as a WebAssembly module and it is platform-independent, allowing for a wide variety of multimedia applications.

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