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[Pass] Feb 5, 2016


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Feb 5, 2016

Release Contents :

  • Provides the Samsung Pass SDK libraries.
  • Provides a sample application.
API References

For more information about Pass APIs, see API Reference.

Programming Guides

The programming guide includes an overview, a Hello Pass application, and feature descriptions.

Change History

Samsung Pass SDK 1.2.1

  • Added APIs as supplementary for identify.
    • String getGuideForQuailityFailed () for sharing the guide string of the firmware.
    • void onCompleted() in the IdentifyListener interface for notifying completion of identify.
    • the event STATUS_OPERATION_DENIED is added which is sent through onFinished API.
  • Added APIs for customizing UI:
    • void setDialogButton ()
    • void setStandbyString ()

Samsung Pass SDK 1.2.0

  • The API isFeatureEnabled (DEVICE_FINGERPRINT_AVAILABLE_PASSWORD) is added because some projects do not support the backup password of fingerprint on Android M(6.0) OS platform.
    • The parameter enablePassword in startIdentifyWithDialog() is only effective when calling the API isFeatureEnabled (DEVICE_FINGERPRINT_AVAILABLE_PASSWORD) and the return value is true.
  • The following Broadcasts are added:
    • ACTION_FINGERPRINT_RESET is broadcasted when all registered fingerprint are removed.
    • ACTION _FINGERPRINT_REMOVED is broadcasted when a specific registered fingerprint is removed.
    • ACTION _FINGERPRINT_ADDED is broadcasted when a registered fingerprint is added.

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.4

  • Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.4 has been released with enhanced stability.

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.3

  • Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.3 has been released with enhanced stability for Swipe and Touch Fingerprint Sensor.

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.2

  • Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.2 has been released with enhanced stability for Touch Fingerprint Sensor.

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.1

  • Improved the API isFeatureEnabled (DEVICE_FINGERPRINT_UNIQUE_ID) for returning exact value to the project which doesn’t support this API even though upgrading Android L OS platform.
    • For checking whether this API is supported in the device, the API isFeatureEnabled (DEVICE_FINGERPRINT_UNIQUE_ID) must be called before calling getRegisteredFingerprintUniqueID().

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.0

  • Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.0 has been released with enhanced stability and better performance.

Samsung Pass SDK 1.1.0 beta

  • Added APIs as supplementary for Identify.
    • int getIdentifiedFingerprintIndex()
    • SparseArray<String> getIdentifiedFingerprintIndex()
    • SparseArray<String> getRegisteredFingerprintUniqueID()
    • void setIntendedFingerprintIndex()
  • Added APIs for customizing UI.
    • void setDialogTitle()
    • void setDialogIcon()
    • void setDialogBgTransparency()
    • void setCanceledOnTouchOutside()

Samsung Pass SDK 1.0.0 beta

  • The Pass is separated from the Samsung Mobile SDK to make an efficient environment for the application development.
  • New permission will be required when you initialize Pass. Refer to programming guide for more information.


  • Request fingerprint recognition.
  • Cancel fingerprint recognition requests.
  • Verify whether the fingerprint of the current user matches the fingerprint registered on the device.
  • Register fingerprints through the Enroll screen of the Setting menu.
  • Get the index of the identified fingerprint from the array of registered fingerprints.
  • Getting a list of names or unique ID or indexes of registered fingerprints.
  • Set the index of the fingerprint for recognition requests.
  • Add a title for the user interface.
  • Add a logo icon for the user interface.
  • Set the transparency of elements outside the user interface.
  • Set whether the user interface is dismissed or not when touching elements outside it.
  • Get broadcasts from the device when registered fingerprint is changed.
  • Get the guide string of the reason when fingerprint recognition is failed due to the poor quality.
  • Add a own button for the user interface.
  • Change a standby string for the user interface.
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