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Do NOT select 'DENY' or 'ALLOW'. That's why the device will be disconnected when you select them.


This message will disappear when you select 'HOME' button on the bottom of the device.


It's free of charge for Samsung Developers members.

The Credit is needed to reserve a remote device on the Remote Test Lab

(1 Credit = 15 min.)

You can get 20 Credits once a day by signing in the Remote Test Lab web site. Additionally when sharing with your friends via SNS buttons in Device List web page, you can also get 20 Credits a posting. (up to 3 times a day)

It means that the device is located in the country. It's not related to coverage. Wherever you are, you can access any device of the Remote Test Lab.

Yes. All RTL server locations have a dedicated WiFi hotspot.

Once you connect to the device with our RTL Client, it should automatically connect to the network (ssid and password will be set on the device).

If there is still no Internet access, please try using the Manage > Reset Wi-Fi option from the RTL clients menu. If the problem persists try selecting the network with the information in popup window manually or restarting the Client.

Unfortunately it's not possible. Currently there are no devices having SIM cards.

Please report us the device name, and our operators will restore it manually.