3.1 Application Manager

This feature is used for tasks related to applications on the remote device, and provides sub-features below.

  • Install applications
  • Delete applications
  • Show all applications
  • Run applications
  • Terminate applications

Application Manager

Figure 9 Application Manager

3.2 Clipboard Synchronization

This feature is used to synchronize clipboard between your computer and the remote device, and provides the following two options:

  • Mobile to PC: Sync clipboard of your computer with the remote device.

  • PC to Mobile: Sync clipboard of the remote device with your computer.

3.3 Language

This feature is used to change language setting of the remote device. You can simply change language on the remote device without settings application.

3.4 File Manager

This feature is used to send and receive files between the local system and the remote device.

File Manager

Figure 10 File Manager

3.5 Wi-Fi Reset

This feature allows you to reset Wi-Fi settings on the remote device.

We provide wireless internet access through exclusive routers for you to fully test your application.

Wireless Network Settings

Figure 11 Information to access Wi-Fi

3.6 Device Reboot

This feature reboots the remote device. After device reboot, the RTL Client will connect again automatically.

Device Reboot

Figure 12 Device Reboot

3.7 Audio Streaming

This feature enables you to check sound on the remote device. In order to start audio streaming, please make sure to allow it on screen of the remote device.

Audio Streaming

Figure 13 Audio Streaming