App Test

4.1 Install Application

This feature lets you install applications on the remote device.

Selecting the application file to install after running the Install Application menu will send the selected file to the remote device and start the installation process.

4.2 Auto-Repeat

This feature is used to test the remote device by repeating specific events.

Auto-test menu

Figure 14 Auto-Repeat

Auto-Repeat is performed in the two following steps:

  • Record events
  • Perform recorded events

First, you should click the Record button to record events to automatically repeat. Once the Record button is clicked, all events on the RTL Client are recorded.

If the events have been recorded successfully, set a number how many you want to test repeatedly. And then click the Play button to repeat the recorded events the number of times.

Recorded events can be saved to an xml file, and it can be loaded and used for other devices with the same resolution.

4.3 View Logs

This feature is used to see logs from the remote device.


Figure 15 Logs

When you want to filter by something such as tag, click the Add button and apply filters that correspond to the log message you want to view. Also you can save to a file by clicking the Save button.

4.4 Remote Debug Bridge

This feature allows your computer to recognize the remote device as if it’s an actual device which is connected to your computer.

This provides a command including local port number, and the remote device will be recognized on your computer after the command is executed on terminal successfully.

The Logs

Figure 16 Remote Debug Bridge

It works the same as an actual device on development tools such as Android Studio.