Designing for the Galaxy Note- Creating S Pen Apps
Feb 26, 2013

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In the second of our videos looking at designing apps for the Galaxy Note, we take you through the source code ofour application, showing you how to support signature recognition and verification, record and play back animations and take advantage of the scratch effect. We also show you how your app can respond to hovering and side button presses. Kickstart your Galaxy Note app development, by using the code in the video as the basis for your own S Pen enabled project.

We start by explaining how to use the signature recognition feature of the S Pen SDK to unlock the app with your signature- and prevent access if the signature is entered incorrectly. Then we move on to animations, showing you how to store data in the SAMM data format and play it back using various animation settings.

Our app uses the hovering feature to provide context sensitive help when the user moves the S Pen over any of our toolbar buttons and also responds to a side button press. If the user presses the side button without touching the screen, the options menu is displayed, if the S Pen is touching the screen, the drawing mode is toggled between the pen and eraser. This code should be a useful starting point for you to interpret hovering and side button presses in your own code.

Keep checking this website for the complete source code for the app featured in this video.

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