Application Update

The following questions are related to updating applications in the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

You must submit a new version when you add application features or resolve defects. The application update process is similar to the application registration process, except that you do not need to enter the basic application information. For more information, see Application Version-up.

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After you have registered an application, you can modify the basic application information, such as the title, icon, description, and screenshots.

To modify the application information:

In the Seller Office, select "Applications > Management", and click the application name.

Select "Modify App Info".

Modify the information as needed.

Note The following application information fields cannot be modified during the certification process:

App title (for the default language)


Icon images


After the application has been submitted, the application service country can only be modified by agreement with your Content Manager.

For more information, see Modifying App Basic Information.

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A missing author certificate file cannot be recovered. Consequently, you cannot update any applications that were signed with it.

To update those applications, you must create a new certificate and register the applications again, with new application names and IDs.

Make sure you have backups of your certificates, and store them in a safe place.

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Make sure your updated application package is signed with the same author certificate used to register the application.

If you have lost the original author certificate, you cannot update the application. You must register the application with a new application name and ID.

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The application name used in the Seller Office cannot be changed, but you can modify the application title shown on Samsung Apps TV.

To modify the application title:

In the Seller Office, select "Applications > Management", and click the application name.

Select "Modify App Info".

In the "Information offered in TV" section, modify the "App Title" field as needed.

Note You cannot modify the application title during the certification process.

If you modify the application title for the default language, you must also modify the title in the application configuration file name element, and submit an application update with the new title.

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To modify the supported features listed in the application information, you must submit an application update. On the Test Information page, in the "App Feature" section, select the applicable features.

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You must first expand application support to the new model group before you can submit an application update that applies to it.

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Check that the application version has been published for the applicable TV model groups.

If users do not see the new application version, ask them to trigger the automatic update process on the TV:

Make sure the automatic updates TV setting is switched on.

Power cycle the TV (disconnect and reconnect the power source).

Switch the TV on and wait for any application updates to install.

If the problem is still not resolved, the user must uninstall and reinstall the application.

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No. You cannot reuse an application name and ID for a new application, since the application name and ID are uniquely associated with a package ID. To register a new application, you must create a new application name and ID.

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No. You cannot change the application package ID because the application name and ID are uniquely associated with it. However, you can create the application package with a new package ID, and register it with a new application name and ID.

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To separate the Tizen version from the Samsung Legacy Platform version:

Register the Tizen version with a new application name and ID.

When the application passes certification, request hiding the old application from the Tizen model groups, by creating a "1:1 Q&A" support ticket.

The application with the old application ID is now available only on TVs running Samsung Legacy Platform.

Tell your Tizen users to download the new Tizen application version.

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To update your Samsung Legacy Platform application by migrating it to Tizen, you must increment the major version number of your application.

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