Seller Office Use

The following questions are related to managing applications in the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

Your Samsung Content Manager helps you manage various application development and distribution scenarios, such as permission to use partner-level privileges, removing application versions from distribution, and publishing an application in multiple countries or outside of the United States.

To request the contact information for your local Content Manager, create a "1:1 Q&A" support ticket.

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Make sure you are using a device from the model groups and the service country you defined when you registered the application in the Seller Office.

To add model groups to your application, request them through the Seller Office. For more information, see Adding Model Groups.

To add service countries to your application, contact your local Content Manager.

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To view statistics for your application, in the Seller Office, select "Report > Samsung Smart TV Analytics > Apps".

You can filter the usage statistics in various ways, such as by application name, region, device model, and time period. You can also create charts, or download the data as a spreadsheet.

For more information, see Smart TV Analytics.

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When an application is suspended or terminated, it is dropped from Samsung Apps TV:

A suspended application is no longer available on Samsung Apps TV, but TVs with the application installed can still use it. You can suspend a published application and restore it at any time through the Seller Office.

A terminated application is removed from Samsung Apps TV and uninstalled from TVs that have it. To terminate an application, you must receive approval from your local Content Manager and submit a termination request. Termination requests take 2 to 3 days to process, and terminated applications cannot be restored. After an application is terminated, it can be deleted, which removes it from your Seller Office account.

For more information on suspending and terminating applications, see Changing Application Status.

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Yes. Hiding an application from specific model groups makes it unavailable on Samsung Apps TV for those models only. To request hiding an application, create a "1:1 Q&A" support ticket and provide the following information:

Application ID

Application name

Application version to remove

Model groups from which to hide the application version

Date on which you want to hide the application

To hide an application from all model groups, suspend it.

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Yes. Downgrading an application makes its latest version unavailable on Samsung Apps TV. To request a downgrade, create a "1:1 Q&A" support ticket and provide the following information:

Application ID

Application name

Application version to remove

Model groups from which to remove the application version

The downgrading process takes about 2 days.

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To request having your application preinstalled on Samsung Smart TVs, contact your Content Manager.


No. The Samsung Apps TV Seller Office only supports localization based on country or region.

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To ensure that Samsung Apps TV delivers high-quality applications, applications that have not been updated for more than 1 year or have low user ratings can be terminated.

If you receive a notification that your application is about to be terminated, but you want to keep your application on Samsung Apps TV, contact the Seller Office.

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The Samsung Apps TV store region is based on the specific TV model code. For example, if a TV is purchased in Brazil, it will show the Brazilian Samsung Apps TV store even when it is used outside Brazil.

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The Samsung Apps TV search feature searches for applications by application name.

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For definitions of the various statistics available through Smart TV Analytics, see Glossaries.

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The Seller Office account uses your Samsung Account login information. To change or reset your password, go to Samsung account.

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To modify the seller information in the Seller Office, select "Membership > Group Management > Modify".

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Contact your Content Manager and explain your situation. You may be asked to provide proof that you belong to the same organization and have permission to claim application ownership.

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Yes. Application packages for previous versions can be retrieved from the Seller Office Application Info page, in the "History" tab.

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For business-related information, contact your local Samsung Content Manager.

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No. The Seller Office does not provide support by phone.

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