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Beta Release of the SmartThings Developer Workspace

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SmartThings Developers

The SmartThings Developer Portal has launched the open beta of the Developer Workspace, releasing many key features that have been long awaited for by the community. In this post, you can find a quick snapshot of features to get started with, along with an overview of the new SmartThings Developer Blog, which will become your go-to source for all things IoT.

SmartThings Developer Workspace

The Developer Workspace is a collection of tools that you can use to add your IoT devices and the Automations you’ve created to the Samsung Connect app. The latest version of the app will support Cloud-connected devices. Depending on how comfortable you are with programming, there are options for everyone: simple-to-use IDEs or more powerful CLI and JavaScript API tools for full-on customization for the seasoned professional. The release contents of the Developer Workspace can be categorized into 2 components: the Web Console and the SmartThings SDK.

Web Console

With the Web Console of the Developer Workspace, you’re able to create default plugins for your IoT device without ever needing to download the SmartThings SDK. With it, you’re able to create virtual devices and select their capabilities from a pre-defined list. Currently, the Web Console supports Cloud-connected and Cloud-to-Cloud device profiles. It will include the ability to create Hub-connected devices in the future. Create Automations to enable certain settings or controls on a device. Common tools such as the Certificate Signing Request will be available to apply for a signing key for your device and plugins.

SmartThings SDK

With the SmartThings SDK, you can create a more customized IoT device plugin for the Samsung Connect app. The SmartThings SDK includes:

∙ An IDE add-on package for the Atom editor, which allows you to design, preview, and tweak a device plugin.
∙ Simulators to mimic either the Samsung Connect app or the IoT device you’re building. This is optimal for when you don’t have a phone or your IoT device hardware on you.
∙ A CLI, which supports the IDE and provides additional functions.

SmartThings Developer Blog

As an addition to accompany the SmartThings Developer Workspace beta release, there will also be a SmartThings Developer Blog added to the portal. The blog features the latest in IoT industry news, tips, troubleshooting advice, and much more. Below are just some of the articles you can expect to see in the upcoming months, so ensure to check back often.

∙ Featured Items: SmartThings API and the New SmartApp
∙ Create a Samsung Connect Plugin for IoT Devices in under 30 Minutes
∙ Your IoT Questions from Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Answered
∙ The Benefits of becoming a SmartThings Partner
∙ What is IoT and why you should invest in it now

As we move forward, our team will continue to provide smarter and easier to use tools for you. We look forward to your continued support and partnership with us.

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