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It’s a Wonderful IoT World: Event Recap

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SmartThings Developers

The Samsung SmartThings developer team has been out-and-about enjoying and contributing to the IoT event scene. Life is good!

In May, IoT World 2018 convened in the Santa Clara Convention Center. The world’s largest IoT event attracted over 12,000 industry professionals. Hundreds of international thought leaders shared their wisdom from the podium and in interactive and educational panels and workshops. The week was filled with industry insights, hackathons, workshops and inspirational thought leaders.

The 300+ exhibitors included the likes of Bank of America, General Electrics, Boeing, Avnet, T Mobile, Comcast and UPS. They represented every vertical that IoT is impacting world-wide.

Our team loved the opportunity to share the latest information and the greatest technological innovations, not to mention the swag and the giveaways.

Samsung SmartThings showcased 3 demos stations this year with a centralized theme of one SmartThings experience with the release of a brand new SmartThings mobile app. The same SmartThings mobile experience is now available on multiple Samsung line of products including Smart TV’s (as demonstrated on a 65” inch Samsung QLED Curved TV) and Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators on a single SmartThings platform working seamlessly with both Samsung and other 3rd party devices.

Developers also learned more about developing Automations, SmartApps, using the Developer Workspace, and our Works With SmartThings (WWST) certification program. SmartThings also had demonstrated the Works As SmartThings Hub (WASH) line of products including the SmartThings ADT Security Hub and the Samsung Connect Home Wifi Mesh Router which work independently as a SmartThings hub while showing such partnership opportunities for future line of products.

We enjoyed the networking opportunities and were inspired by the energy in the huge convention center. There was something for everybody.

There were also pitch events during IoT World which included demos and award ceremonies for over 50 early-stage IoT startups. At least half of the startups were pitching to investors through IoT World’s Project Kairos. Congratulations to, Lunewave , the 2018 IoT World’s Innovation Things Award winner. The judges also recognized. The judges also recognized MbientLab for their efforts in Consumer IoT (Smart Homes, Wearables and Healthcare). Nikola Labs won the Enterprise Innovation & Digital Transformation Award and VINChain(Industrial IoT Winner).

Our SmartThings developer relations team looks forward to seeing you at our upcoming events! Sign up now to get notifications of our upcoming SmartThings developer workshop!