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SDC18: A Newly Integrated Frontier for SmartThings

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SmartThings Developers

Hey SmartThings Developers!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming to the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco. In a packed two days of developer talks, workshops, and demos, we saw a future of greater connectivity and cooperation between IoT devices.

Shinjae Lee, Principal Engineer at Samsung, found that developers visiting our exhibition were very interested in SmartThings and Bixby (more on Bixby below!). He also named our Code Lab, where developers played with Automations and device integrations, as a highlight of the event.

According to Samsung Software Engineer Kiwook Hong, who provided demos of the SmartThings device integration types, many developers are still new to IoT and SmartThings and were excited to learn how easy it is to connect and automate a simple bulb and sensors. He added, "I was able to meet developers who had asked many questions on our support channel. Actually meeting them and talking about our platform and application was a fun moment for me."

We introduced a number of new SmartThings features. These included new tools for integrating your devices with SmartThings: the SmartThings Device Kit and the SmartThings Cloud Connector. You can use the SmartThings Device Kit to directly and securely connect to SmartThings Cloud, significantly shortening your time to market. The SmartThings Cloud Connector, meanwhile, is a way to integrate devices that already send their data to an external cloud. We also introduced the SmartThings Schema, a JSON specification that handles direct and cloud-connected integrations without requiring the SmartThings API. Stay tuned for more information on these features!

Our Certification Program invites developers in enrolled organizations to apply for Works with SmartThings certification. Along with the benefits of professional testing and a security evaluation, passing certification allows you to promote your device in the SmartThings catalog (accessed through the SmartThings app) with an official WWST badge.

If you want to release your device quickly, you don’t need to wait for certification. Self-test your device and you can publish it as a SmartThings-compatible in the catalog.

We also debuted a new and improved Developer Workspace! The Workspace has been completely redesigned to make it easier than ever to create and manage your Automations and devices.

Finally, we were very excited to introduce brand-new integrations with the Bixby AI assistant. As developers saw in one of our breakout sessions, no Bixby Capsule is needed to integrate Bixby with your devices. Bixby can understand the capabilities of any device connected to SmartThings Cloud, with the majority of device types already supported. This means that you can ask Bixby to control and monitor your device, and even create scheduled events and location-based Automations for your devices. Just by talking to Bixby, a new rule is created on the spot. Read our Voice guide to learn more about working with Bixby.

Thanks to our partners at Vodafone, Encored, AT&T, Plume, Keywe, and ARTIK for sharing their latest on the show floor! We continue to push SmartThings forward as the open IoT ecosystem with the widest range of connected devices on market, and are happy that you’re here with us.

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