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Beyond the Intelligence of Things with SmartThings and Bixby

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SmartThings Developers

Samsung Electronics’ Joohwan Kim, Principal Engineer, and Vijayachandra Pabbineedi, Staff Engineer, got onstage at SDC 2018 to demonstrate how Bixby enables users to make smarter and more efficient use of their devices. Together, SmartThings and Bixby simplify device operation by allowing voice commands to be used in lieu of pressing buttons or having to locate a specific app. With SmartThings’ coverage of IoT and Bixby’s coverage of intelligence, you can plainly speak a command and watch it come to fruition.

“What is the weather like outside?” Users can simply ask any device integrated with SmartThings. The Bixby assistant understands what capsule to use and triggers the radar capsule, which gets the weather information through Bixby’s own server.

How SmartThings and Bixby benefit Developers

Integrating devices with SmartThings frees developers of any manufacturers’ restrictions and/or protocols embedded on the device. Developers can then enjoy the freedom to set up any capability for the device that it is built to handle. Automations for these capabilities (such as automatically turning on the lights at 6:00 pm) are configured within the SmartThings app, and are stored on SmartThings Cloud.

Bixby enables voice control of Automations by sending the commands for the Automations to a capsule, a program created by a service provider that shows Bixby how to execute the capabilities of a device.

Currently, Bixby covers and will automatically work with 23 of the 33 available device types on SmartThings, as well as 30 of the 65 capabilities. As the number of device types and capabilities grows, your device will automatically be updated with no additional work or cost. Bixby’s intelligence will automatically update devices that are fully integrated and have gone to market.

Bixby’s global aspiration to extend beyond its current languages of Mandarin, Korean and English will likewise extend to all devices integrated with SmartThings.

SmartThings and Bixby are eager to hear from developers! Get in touch with us to learn about integrating your SmartThings devices with Bixby today.