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Who is SmartThings' Mr. A?

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SmartThings Developers

A for Average

There isn’t a whole lot to say about Mr. A. He wears a lot of blue and he usually gets through his day with a blank look on his face. Is it because he’s dull? Or could this be the face of pure contentment, neither sad nor glad, but a space of form and function, 1s and 0s, where feelings aren’t something you worry about? Has Mr. A achieved singularity?

Well, sort of. As we can see from the video, the “A” doesn’t stand for Active. Mr. A isn’t very flexible. Sometimes he wakes up and he can’t even roll out of bed. Hey, who doesn’t feel like Mr. A?

So, to broaden his reach a little, Mr. A develops a plan B.

A for Automations

Mr. A uses Automations to give him a lift in the morning. Mr. A has used his SmartThings app to connect some useful devices from SmartThings partners. Each of these devices comes with an Automation that makes his life easier, and is already at work while Mr. A is dreaming about winning that marathon he’s been training for.

The “7 o’clock” Automation sets off the alarm every morning on the dot, while “Light ON” shines the overhead light right onto Mr. A’s face. “Window open” pops the shades for good measure.

But Mr. A can be, let’s say, a little oblivious to sensory stimulation. So “Fan ON” blows Mr. A’s blanket clean off, since he obviously isn’t reaching for it himself. And finally, “Coffee pot ON” heats up Mr. A’s cup of joe. There’s no arguing with coffee.

Success! Mr. A is Awake.

A for Accessible

Mr. A is not savvy about technology. Let’s just say that “A” doesn’t stand for Adept. Mr. A thinks a USB is a country, and he thought he’d be the last person to set up a “smart home.” But SmartThings puts all the benefits of IoT within even Mr. A’s short reach, without any strings attached.

In other words, Mr. A is a model customer. You want to make life easy for Mr. A, and SmartThings makes that easy for you.

The Developer Workspace Is here for you to integrate your IoT devices with SmartThings. No matter the device, we have the solution for you. You can use the Device Kit to directly connect your devices to SmartThings Cloud, or if your devices already send their data to a cloud, you can use a Cloud Connector to bring them into the SmartThings ecosystem. Support for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices is coming, too!

Once in the SmartThings ecosystem, our library of capabilities makes smart interactions a snap. SmartThings supports all kinds of controllers for devices, so Mr. A can work with them however he likes. He can use the SmartThings app on his phone, or access a UI directly on a Samsung refrigerator or smart TV.

Perhaps most exciting is brand-new support for Bixby voice assistant. Bixby automatically works with any SmartThings-connected device, so that Mr. A won’t even have to lift a finger to switch them on and off.

Mr. A can be a little Absent-minded. He’s left the house with all his devices running! But he can give Bixby a simple command to switch to an “away” Scene. This shuts the lights and windows and starts the vacuum running, so that Mr. A can come back to a spotless apartment. If even Mr. A can do all this, who can’t?

“A” is for Anyone!

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