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Publish and Certify IoT Devices on SmartThings

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SmartThings Developers

As you know, Developer Workspace allows you to create and manage all of your SmartThings device integrations. At some point, you will have finished prototyping and testing your IoT device, and will be ready to release it to the public. What happens then?

When your IoT device is ready for the world, you will want to publish it to the SmartThings catalog. This way, developers and customers can discover your device intuitively through the SmartThings app. We understand that some developers will want to offer their solutions as quickly as possible, while others prefer to spend extra development time polishing and refining their products. That’s why there are two ways to publish your devices on SmartThings.

  • To publish your IoT device as quickly as possible, publish the device as SmartThings-compatible.
  • To benefit from comprehensive testing and official Works with SmartThings branding, request to publish the device as SmartThings-certified.

SmartThings-compatible devices

Any IoT device can be published on the SmartThings catalog. The fastest way to do this is to register your device as SmartThings-compatible (note: at the time of this writing, this applies only to cloud-to-cloud devices).

SmartThings-compatible devices

To be granted SmartThings compatibility, a device must pass a series of guided self-tests. You are responsible for implementing, self-testing, and verifying the functionality and reliability of your device. Once approved, your device will appear on the SmartThings catalog within two business days.

SmartThings-compatible devices are listed in the SmartThings app as “compatible”.

Works with SmartThings

Our official certification program is available even if you have already published a SmartThings-compatible device.

SmartThings-certified devices

When applying for Works with SmartThings (WWST) certification, you will ship your device to our certification team. The team will test that your device works reliably with a number of IoT cloud connections and products, and provide feedback in the event it does not. This is designed to save you development resources, as well as reduce your market risk.

Additionally, devices that connect directly to SmartThings must be securely registered with an X.509 certificate or ED25519 public-key signature.

Your approved devices can be promoted with the official Works with SmartThings logo, which will appear with them in the SmartThings app. Certified devices will also have premium placement in the SmartThings app.

Once certified, these devices will appear on the SmartThings catalog within 30 business days.

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