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Make a SmartThings Scene with Your Devices

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SmartThings Developers

We have published new documentation for Scenes, a SmartThings feature which allows you to simultaneously set a group of devices to a particular state.

There are 2 ways to enhance the device experiences for consumers: 1) Through automations and 2) through Scenes. In the SmartThings App, users have the ability to add Scenes to enhance their device experience. We have also included that ability to do this programmatically using the SmartThings Scenes API.

When deciding between building automations and incorporating scenes into your device, it is best to evaluate the goal of your experience: whether you would like the interaction to occur instantly or upon a trigger event. Scenes can also be used as a component within an automation.

An example of a scene would be to incorporate actions from a series of devices. For example, you can configure a scene to do the following:

Daytime Scene:

  • Turn on the living room light
  • Turn off the bedroom light
  • Turn on the kitchen light
  • Set the brightness level for each light
  • Pick a color for each of the lights.

NightTime Scene:

  • Turn off the Living room and kitchen light.
  • Turn on the bedroom light.
  • Pick a color for the bedroom light.

Users have the ability to create multiple scenes in the SmartThings app which by creating a shortcut, the user can activate or deactivate the scene through the creation of a shortcut. This feature can also be done programmatically using the Scenes API. Our Scenes API allows you to simultaneously set a group of devices to a particular state. In addition to this functionality, you may also incorporate the scenes into your SmartThings automations. The automations include triggers to activate the custom scenes such as determining the time of day. This allows developers to develop enhanced customized experiences for users.

There are rate limits associated with scenes which sets limits on the throughput based on the number of requests per device. The rate limit is 50 requests per minute per executed scene and 50 requests per limit for obtaining a list of scenes.

To learn more about our new Scenes API, check out our “Working with Scenes” documentation as well as our Scenes API Reference.

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