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Register Your Brand on SmartThings in 2 Steps

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SmartThings Developers

Good news for organizations! We've introduced a new and improved way to manage your brands on SmartThings. Previously, developers had to independently associate brand names and logos with the devices they were developing. Brands are now managed in a dedicated layer on Developer Workspace by an administrator of an organization.

This is a straightforward process that we have added to our documentation. In short, an organization administrator logs into Developer Workspace to create a new brand, which consists of a name and logo image that are displayed with relevant devices on the SmartThings app.

When the brand information is saved on Workspace, the administrator can request to publish the brand to the platform. Once the brand is approved, any organization member can then associate the brand with the devices they are developing and want to publish. Each brand can be associated with multiple devices and Connectors, and these are listed in a brand's detail view on Workspace.

Note that a device must have a brand in order to be published on the catalog. In addition, cloud-connected devices must also have a brand associated with their Cloud Connector. Happy branding!

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