Samsung Legacy Platform

The following questions are related to developing applications for Samsung Legacy Platform.

Tizen applications are not compatible with Samsung Legacy Platform devices. However, you can migrate your application to TOAST, which allows the application to support both platforms. For more information, see Migrating Tizen to TOAST.

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Samsung Legacy Platform applications are not compatible with Tizen devices. However, you can migrate the application to Tizen.

Alternatively, you can migrate your application to TOAST, which allows the application to support both platforms. For more information, see Migrating Legacy Platform to TOAST.

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For Samsung Legacy Platform developer documentation, see Samsung Legacy Platform.

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For information on platform features, such as supported streaming and DRM protocols, see Samsung Legacy Platform (2010 ~ 2014). For detailed information on the supported video codecs, see Player Specification.

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To develop and test Samsung Legacy Platform applications, use the Samsung TV SDK for Legacy Platform.

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No. The Tizen Studio does not support creating Samsung Legacy Platform application packages. You must use the Samsung TV SDK for Legacy Platform.

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To test your Samsung Legacy Platform application on a TV through a USB removable drive, you must obtain a ".sig" signature file from the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office:

Retrieve the device ID (DUID) for the device on which you want to test the application.

On the Smart Hub screen, click the following remote control key sequence: "Fast Forward, 2, 8, 9, 2"Note On 2013 models, you must instead click the key sequence on the "Store > More Apps" screen.

To request the ".sig" file, create a Seller Office "1:1 Q&A" support ticket and provide the DUID information.

The signature file and application package must be placed in the USB removable drive root directory.

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To test applications on a Samsung Legacy Platform TV, log in to the "develop" account on the TV.

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Copy the "CPDeveloper.sig" file to the root directory of the external USB drive containing the application package you want to test on the TV. You must keep the USB drive connected to the TV while you test the application.

Note On some TV models, the "CPDeveloper.sig" file must be renamed to "Developer.sig".

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The IME enables text input in the applcation. For information on how to implement it, see How To Use IME (Input Method Editor).

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To retrieve the TV model code, use the GetProductCode() method of the TV class.

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You can retrieve various network information using the Network API. However, retrieving the Wi-Fi security mode and encryption type is not supported.

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Samsung Legacy Platform supports the CEA-708, SMPTE-TT, and SAMI subtitle formats. For information on implementing subtitles, see Subtitle (Closed Caption).

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On Samsung Legacy Platform, the external subtitle URL cannot be changed during playback. To implement switching subtitle URLs, you must destroy the video player object and recreate it with the new URL, resuming playback from the same position. For more information on implementing subtitles, see Subtitle (Closed Caption).

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To enable automatic updates for a Samsung Legacy Platform application, add the following code to the "config.xml" file:


The specific automatic update behavior depends on the TV model year. On 2013 and later models, the user can enable or disable automatic updates, which overrides the automatic update behavior defined by the application.

Note If you do not enable automatic updates in your application, the user must uninstall and reinstall the application to get the latest version.

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On Samsung Legacy Platform, to determine whether the voice guide is enabled, check the IsTTSEngineEnabled property:

// Returns "true" if voice guide is enabled

webapis._plugin("RECOG", "IsTTSEngineEnabled")

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To calculate the time in a specific time zone, you must retrieve the time zone information with the getTimeZone() method of the class, and convert the time manually from UTC time.

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The icons for a Samsung Legacy Platform application have the following size requirements:

Table 1. Samsung Legacy Platform application icon sizes IconSize ThumbIcon106x86 px BigThumbIcon115x95 px ListIcon85x70 px BigListIcon95x78 px

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The Convergence feature is supported on 2012 to 2014 TV models. It allows users to communicate with and transfer files between the TV and mobile devices or computers. For 2015 and later models, you can implement similar functionality using the Smart View SDK.

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No. The Samsung Legacy Platform player supports only ".ism" and ".isml" manifest files for Smooth Streaming. It does not support ".ismc" manifest files. For more information on implementing Smooth Streaming, see Guideline for Smooth Streaming Application Developers.

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Streaming over RTMP is supported on 2012 to 2014 TVs only. For information on the supported network protocols, see General Specifications.

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No. Samsung Legacy Platform does not support hosted applications.

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No. Samsung TVs do not support the UDP protocol.

Multicast streaming is supported on 2012 to 2015 models using Samsung Legacy Platform, but only through the HTTP and RTP protocols.

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No. Automated testing is not supported on Samsung TVs.

Additionally, the Automatic Testing Tools provided for Samsung Legacy Platform are no longer supported.

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The "Network Error Handling" warnings are shown when your application does not use the CheckPhysicalConnection() or CheckHTTP() methods of the Network class to check network connectivity. Implementing the missing checks is recommended, but the warnings are not critical and do not prevent your application from being submitted.

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