Samsung TV SDK for Legacy Platform


Now application developers can add their contents to the Smart Hub preview

Addition of avplaystore module (webapis.avplaystore.getPlayer)

Updated Caph version to 3.1.0-160617

Changes in the tizen.tvchannel API specification

Bug Fixes

ATK TTS(Text to Speech) abnormality motion fix API return error fix


public/partner/firstscreen SDK integration

Firstscreen Support (public / partner SDK)

Caph update : 3.0.1-160315

Platform Base Image Update

Bug Fixes

App restarted after the hide() function was called in the resume state. (Resolved)


Minor version(Bug fixed)

  • Bug Fixes

    • Web inspector of SDK 2.1.2 could not supported debug to same app more than once. (Resolved)

  • Features

    Minor version(Bug fixed)

    Bug Fixes

    Execution and termination of App are different from the TV specifications.

    When calling tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().hide(), applications do not keep running.(Resolved)

    When doing 'Launch Applications > Execute SmartHub > Return', the screens for the applications appear. (Resolved)

    Although returning to the screen for App-launcher is exepected, the screen for broadcasting(black screen) appears. (Resolved)

    The screen of Screen-regulation ATV will be exposed on the next version. (Resolved)

    Sub-title option on menu is excluded for the security, it will be resolved on the next version. (Resolved)

    webapis.avplay > When calling 'setSpeed' function of relevance to HLS/DASH, videos stop working or occur errors. (Resolved)

    The sounds would get slightly smaller, when a volume goes up from 99 to 100. (Resolved)

    'allclean', 'done' and 'cancel' are not working properly on IME (Resolved)