CAPH History

Caph history of supporting features

CAPH v3.0

CAPH 3.0 is released Oct. 2015. CAPH 3.0 has new changes.

  • CAPH 3.0 deleted CAPH -base engine of CAPH 2.x and utilize existing popular frameworks.(jQuery and AngularJS)
  • Developers can insert CAPH 3.0 components in their applications easily.
  • Supported components.
  • Key Navigation as based Feature.
  • Scrollable List with high Performance
  • UI Components : Dialog, Button, Toggle Button, Radio Button, Checkbox, Input, ContextMenu, DropDownMenu

CAPH v2.1.1

CAPH v2.1.1 is released Mar. 2015. CAPH v2.1.1 is supporting below new features.

  • Stripe Theme Reference App & Showcase is released newly
  • Creation of seperate css files based on resolution(1080P,720p,Auto)
  • Fix Bugs
    • Common UI Component : Some APIs of List, List Menu, List Text
    • Stripe Theme (Tizen UX) : Some APIs of Dropdown List, Input Box, Popup, Popup Menu, Rating
    • Scene Managaer : Code Refactoring, Chnage of Scene State and Life Cycle Naming Etc
    • Namespace of Service Widget APIs are changed

CAPH v2.1.0

CAPH v2.1.0 is released Jan.05. 2015. CAPH v2.1.0 is supporting below features.

  • Support Scene (Absolute Scene, HTMLScene)
  • Event & Focus Management System
  • Common UI Components
    • Button, Radio Button, CheckBox, Dim
      HTML, Icon, Indicator, Input Box, Label
      List, List Menu, List Text, Popup
      ProgressBar, Rating, Scroll Bar
      Slider, Spinner, Sprite, ToolTip
  • Responsive Layout
    • Float layout, Fluid layout, Linear layout
      Relative layout, Table layout
    • Layout Template
  • Stripe Theme : Provides Smart TV style UI components
    • Button, CheckBox, Dropdown List, Icon
      Indicator, Input Box, Label, List Text
      Loading, Popup, Popup Menu, Progress Bar
      RadioButton, Rating, Scroll Bar, Slider
      Spinner, Toggle Button, ToolTip, Audio Player, Video Player
  • More features for Tizen are released soon.

CAPH v2.0.0

CAPH v2.0.0 is released Nov.01. 2014. CAPH v2.0.0 is supporting below features.

  • Caph.base : DOM selector& Manipulation, Timeline Animation, Event Processor, OOP, Utilities
  • More features for Tizen are released soon.

CAPH v1.5.0

CAPH v1.5.0 is released Aug.01. 2014. CAPH v1.5.0 is supporting below features.

  • Layout : Relative, Absolute, Linear Layout
  • Advanced UI Component
  • Advanced CAPH core : Animation, Ajax, i18N

CAPH v1.2.0

CAPH v1.2.0 is released Mar.25. 2014. CAPH v1.2.0 is supporting below features.

  • CAPH core : Fast DOM selector, DOM access & manipulation APIs, Ajax, i18N
  • CAPH theme

CAPH v1.0.0

CAPH v1.0.0 is released Jan.06. 2014. CAPH v1.0.0 is supporting below features.

  • UI Framework : UI Components, Basic Animation