CAPH is a web application framework which helps in easy and quick development of web apps for Samsung Smart TV. Impressive applications can be developed with the usage of CAPH. You can develop high performance web application with CAPH.

CAPH Package

Release Note

CAPH 3.1

  • Package List
    • CAPH 3.1 Package for AngularJS
    • CAPH 3.1 Package for jQuery
  • New Features
    • CAPH 3.1 supports touch event handling. It provides Pan, Tap and Double Tap functions.
  • ETC
    • If you don't consider using touch operation, there's no need to update from CAPH 3.0.1

CAPH 3.0.1

  • Package List
    • CAPH 3.0.1 Package for AngularJS
    • CAPH 3.0.1 Package for jQuery
  • CAPH 3.0.1 Hotfix
    • fixed bug for Dialog Center Alignment
    • fixed bug for List Component
      • removing item function
      • abnormal working in ng-repeat(Angular)
  • fixed bug of Focus Controller
  • Tutorials, Samples and Reference Apps
  • ETC
    • This hotfix version(3.0.1) has only urgent bug fixes. There's no changes of API usage.

CAPH 3.0

  • Package List
    • CAPH 3.0 Package for AngularJS
    • CAPH 3.0 Package for jQuery
    • CAPH 3.0 Reference App
  • CAPH 3.0 New Changes
    • As our goal is offering easy and fast development for TV web application, CAPH 3.0 deleted caph-base engine of caph 2.x and utilize existing popular frameworks. So, it even makes sense that CAPH 3.0 is a plugin for TV feature. Presently CAPH works on jQuery and AngularJS. Developers can choose caph-jquery.js or caph-angularjs.js depending on what they use.
  • CAPH 3.0 Features
    • Key navigation ifor AngularJS, jQuery
    • UI Component for AngularJS, jQuery : Scrollable List, Dialog, Button, Toggle Button, Radio Button, Checkbox, Input, ContextMenu, DropDownMenu
  • ETC
    • CAPH 3.0 is not compatible with the earlier versions 2.x.