Application Registration

Samsung Smart TV Ecosystem launches your applications after Samsung's QA testing/verification and your certification if required. This guide explains the application registration process.


When registering a new application, only Tizen app can be registered. Tizen applications are available to be submitted on 2015 and later TV model groups.


Since 28th Feb, 2018, Seller Office will support you can submit and launch the Tizen .Net application for Samsung Smart TV. Tizen .Net applications are available to be submitted on 2018 and later TV model groups.

In case of Tizen wgt application, once it has been submitted, you will be able to also submit a build against the Samsung Legacy Platform. When versioning up any app, you will be able to select the platform type for this submission. If you select 'Samsung Legacy Platform', you can submit the app for 2014 TV model groups or lower.


Restricted Submission: If you have an Samsung Legacy Platform application launched on 2015 devices, and you proceed to version up with a Tizen wgt on that App ID, then you wil no longer be able to update the Samsung Legacy Platform application version. You will need to proceed with the Tizen submission from that point forward.

Figure 1. Application Registration Process

Figure 1. Application Registration Process

Application Registration Process


Before registering application at the Seller Office, the following materials should be prepared. Please refer to the detailed specifications for each item.

  • Application icons
  • Application screenshots
  • Application description file
  • Application source package

Basic Information

You should input the basic information to be registered.

Table 1. Application Basic Information
Input Field Updatable Input Field Updatable
App ID No App Name No
Category Yes
(Except for QA testing)
Rating Yes
Privacy Policy Yes Rating Certification Yes
Country Yes
(Except for QA testing and submitted)
Language Yes
App Title (*)
(for default language)
(Except for QA testing)
App Description Yes
Icon Images Yes
(Except for QA testing)
Screenshots Yes
Seller Information Yes

The "App Title" change is available via "Version up" process not by "Modifying App Info".

The below is the explanation about what to be registered at Basic Information registration step.

1. Generating a new App ID with App Name

App ID is a unique application identifier throughout the whole certification process. In order to generate a new App ID, enter the application name and check for its availability. An app cannot have the same name as another application registered by a different Seller. If the name is available, you can create a new App ID under this name.


  • "Application Name (App Name)" and "App ID" are used for the identifiers of an application. Seller cannot change any of them after creation.
  • App ID in Seller Office should not be confused with Tizen ID in application package. More information on this topic is available in chapter ‘Tizen ID’.
  • "App Name" is different from "App Title" which will be displayed on TV screen.

Figure 2. Generate new application ID

Figure 2. Generate new application ID

2. Entering Basic Information

After creating a new App ID, enter the general information and upload required metadata. The metadata will be displayed in Samsung Smart TV's Apps page.

The following table explains the details for each field.

Table 2. Basic Information Input Fields
Input Field Description Displayed on TV
Category One of the following: Videos, Game, Sports, Lifestyle, Information, Education Yes
Rating Age rating of the content. In some countries additional rating certificate may be necessary.
If you set age rating as 18+, your application cannot be launched at Korea. For more details, refer to Age Rating.
Privacy Policy If you collect privacy data via your application, your Privacy Policy URL should be registered. The URL information shall be explained on Smart TV. Yes
Rating Certification If you are issued a Rating Certification, you must register the certification. To serve Brazil, upload MY/DEJUS certificates or select an age rate. No
Country Countries specified in your contract with Samsung. If you are public seller and public group, you can launch your service only in United States. No
Language You need to register your application service languages as which your application is served to users when execution. Yes
App Title and Description You need to register these information for all the languages supported on TV settings. Yes
Icons and Screenshots These data will be used when your application is displayed on TV. Yes
Seller Information Seller name, Support email, Homepage, Representative, Phone number, Address
※ If the seller who registers application is already joined a group, the group's seller information will be set as default information, but the information can be changed.

  • The basic information can be changed later with "Modify App Info" button.
  • The uploaded screenshots will be displayed at TV same as the uploaded order. By drag & drop, you can change the order of screenshots and the change will be applied on TV.

The default language of Tizen application title MUST be same with the app title in its application source. Otherwise Pre-Test will be failed during version-up.

3. Basic Information Completion

When you enter all of the fields, proceed to the next step with clicking the "Next" button.

Test Information

At this step, sellers should enter special feature information supported by the seller application. This information is used by Samsung Smart TV certification team.

1. Selecting Target Model Groups

At first, choose the target model groups where you would like to launch your application. If you want to submit a Tizen application, you are limited to select 2015 TV models or later only.

Figure 3. Select Target Model Groups

Figure 3. Select Target Model Groups


  • If your application supports Samsung Checkout, you cannot select the model groups which don't support Samsung Checkout.
  • If your application supports Smart View SDK, you should select at least one model group which supports Smart View SDK. Including Smart View SDK supporting model group, you are available to select more model groups regardless Smart View SDK support.

2. Selecting Release Request Date

In this step you can choose the application's launching timing since the certification.

  • Normal Release
    Means that application is released as soon as passed in certification.
  • Scheduled Release
    Means that application is released on the requested date even the application has been certificated before the date. Of course application cannot be released if its verification is not completed before that date.

The sellers usually choose the manual release when they want to promote their application on that day.

Figure 4. Release Date Registration

Figure 4. Release Date Registration

3. Entering Detailed Test Information

Table 3. Test Information Input Fields
Input Field Description
App Feature Check if Samsung Smart TV features implemented in the application.
Caption Information about video subtitles (if applicable).
TTS (Text to Speech) Check if your application supports TTS.
In-app AD Check if your application supports In-app AD. If supported, you need to consent the Samsung PSID privacy policy.
Billing Check if your application supports any payment methods. If the application supports Samsung Checkout, you are required to register "Bank Account Information".
Player Specification Check the details of your video streaming solutions. This can be helpful for investigating any issues related to video playback.
App Description File Basic app documentation, to help testers understand app workflow and user scenarios. The document template can be downloaded from here.
Note for Tester Change log since the previous app version, any other information that can be useful for testers.
Geo IP Block Geo-filtering used for application content. If applicable, make sure that all IP addresses used by Samsung testers are whitelisted on your servers.
Test Account/Password, Voucher Code Test account with enough credit to check the whole application in detail on all requested platforms.

Missing information in App Description File, Test account or Geo IP may result in rejecting your application from certification process. Check these items carefully and make sure provided information is enough to fully test your app.

4. Test Information Completion

After you enter all of the fields, proceed to the next step with clicking the "Next" button. If you skip some of the mandatory fields or complete them with incorrect value, it will be impossible to proceed.


You can perform Pre-Test before the actual certification process using the automation test tool provided by Samsung. With this Pre-Test process, Samsung supports that sellers detect critical defects before complete application submission. The Pre-Test result will be shown on screen immediately.

1. Uploading Application Package

You should submit your application package at this step.

2. Pre-Testing

Right after an application package has been uploaded, the Seller Office's Pre-Test tool will validate the uploaded application package automatically. After Pre-Test, whether the Pre-Test is passed or failed is reported on screen immediately.


Some data about the application will be extracted from the config.xml for intenal back end application management purposes.

The following table shows the Pre-Test checklist for seller applications to meet.

Table 4. Pre-testing Criteria
Criteria Check Item
If the file name is less than or equal to 100 bytes.
If the file name does not contain any special characters except for “_”.
If supported file formats are used.
If the file can be unzipped.
If "config.xml" or "tizen-manifest.xml" file exists.
If there are "App Version", "Tizen ID", "API Version" and features information.
If the format of "App Version" is valid. (255.255.65535)
If the number of version is higher than the previous launched version.
If other application has the same "Tizen ID".
If the "Tizen ID" is same with the previous application version's one.
If "API Version" format is valid. (x.y)
If "Required Version" format is valid. (x.y)
If "App Title" is same with the app title for default language in metadata.
If the Screen Size is specified.
If Hosted-Web App tag is used with proper authorization.
If privilege APIs are used with proper authorization.
If the only permitted APIs are used.
If there is an endpoint URL information as the value of Smart Hub Preview.
If app’s required version is higher than 2.3 when submitting on 15TV model groups and later.
If ticker tag is not used. There are some exceptions.
author-signature.xml If "author-signature.xml" file does exist.
If "author-signature.xml" file is valid.
If author information is same with the previous version's one.
If author Modulus value is same with the previous version's one.
If author exponent value is same with the previous version's one.
signature1.xml If "signature1.xml" file does exist.

  • If the last version number of application is already higher than 255, you cannot update it for Tizen. You need to register the application package again with a new App ID.
  • If the Pre-Test is failed, you cannot proceed to the next step. In such a case, after review and fix all problems, please resubmit the application package.
  • The Pre-Test check list for Samsung Legacy Platform SDK is different from Tizen's ones.

3. Pre-Test Completion

If your application is passed at Pre-Test step, you are almost ready to submit. To confirm the registered information, please proceed to the next step, "Preview". Click the "Next" button.


After Pre-Test step, a summary of all submitted information will be shown on screen, which is preview step. You are expected to review all of the form fields and correct where necessary. If those inputs are right, click the "Next" button to go to the submit step.


The Submit step is the final process of Application Registration. In this step, you need to consent two kinds of agreement.

1. Agreements

  • Release agreement
    If application release is available even there may be some minor defects
  • Code sharing agreement
    If the registered code is available to be shared with the same group members

If you agree with the release with minor defects, Samsung may release your application without your confirmation even there are some minor defects. However Samsung will not release any application with critical defects.

Figure 5. Check Agreements before Submission

Figure 5. Check Agreements before Submission

2. Submit Completion

If you click the "Submit" button, the application registration process is done.

After registration process, your application will be put to certification process. You can check the certification status of the application at "Seller Office" > "Applications" > "Management". For more details, refer to Application Certification.