Samsung Developer Day 2014 at MWC Session Videos
Blog Apr 9, 2014

Samsung Developer Day 2014 was held in Mobile World Congress with more than 700+ developers to talk about the latest tools, SDKs and technologies for Samsung devices and content services.

Technical sessions covered more deeply on the newly launched Samsung SDKs and their advanced features. Check out the videos to find out more! All the videos are provided in English for your reference. In addition, the presentation materials are also available in PDF format below.

1. Gear SDK & Gear Fit SDK

2. Samsung Mobile SDK 1.5

3. S Health SDK

4. Samsung Multi-screen SDK

5. Samsung Game Platform

6. Group Play SDK

* Samsung Developer Day Session Materials

Samsung Developer Day Session
Time Content PDF File Download
13:30~14:00 Gear SDK & Gear Fit SDK pdf download icon
14:00~14:30 Samsung Mobile SDK 1.5 pdf download icon
14:50~15:20 S Health SDK pdf download icon
15:20~15:50 Samsung Multi-screen SDK pdf download icon
16:10~16:50 Samsung Game Platform pdf download icon
Group Play SDK pdf download icon
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