Creating Your First App

Samsung Z is a Tizen-based smartphone that offers powerful performance and easy customization. Tizen provides a Web API that allows you to create simple programs using only HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript; it also provides a Native API that provides the benefits of building software for embedded systems in C. This document provides an introduction to Tizen application types and also demonstrates how you can create a simple application - thus helping you to get more familiar with the Tizen application development process and using the Tizen SDK.

Tizen Application Types

The Tizen platform supports 2 primary application types:

  • Web Application is essentially a Web site stored on your device and built using Web-native languages, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The Web application uses the Tizen Web Framework to interact with the native subsystems.

  • Native Application is developed using C and can access more advanced device-specific features, such as camera, GPS, and accelerometer in addition to more advanced system settings and functionality.

The following figure illustrates the Tizen architecture model supporting the 2 application types.

Tizen architecture
Tizen architecture

Creating Your First Tizen Mobile Web App

Creating Your First Tizen Mobile Native App