Set up SDK

Download the appropriate SDK installer for your OS

Haven’t installed the Tizen SDK? Download here.


The IDE Installer installs the SDK based on the GUI (Graphic User Interface). While the CLI (Command Line Interface) installer installs the SDK based on the CLI.

Launching the Installer

  • Ubuntu: Apply the execute permission through the chmod +x command.

  • Windows®: Double-click the installer executable file.

  • Mac OS®: Double-click the Disk Image (.dmg) to open. Then Double-click the installer icon.

Installing Basic Packages

Accept the Software License Agreement and then set the installation location.


If the location path is not empty, you cannot install the SDK.
To do so, Click the location path and change the location to an empty directory.

Once the installation is finished, you can start to develop Tizen Native applications.

Installing Native App Environments

After the SDK installation, the Installer opens a pop-up dialog from which you can launch the Update Manager automatically.

In the ‘All Packages’ tab, select ‘Native app. Development.’ package and click Install Icon button.

Further Resources

Find more information on the SDK installation at the following links at Tizen Developers